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Historischer Hof Dorfchemnitz

Foto: Stephan Börner | Gemeinde Dorfchemnitz


In addition to the charming landscape, with a cycling and hiking network and recently also one

Riding trail network, the municipality also has a number of sights to offer.


So the churches of the community in Dorfchemnitz and Voigtsdorf. A burial site with a memorial plaque in the Voigtsdorf district cemetery is also worth seeing. It commemorates a Yugoslavian prisoner of war, known by name, who was shot by the Landwacht after attempting to escape.

Well known are the museum and historical monument "Dorfchemnitzer Eisenhammer" and in the forest around Dorfchemnitz, the "Blockhausen" forest experience hut of the sow sawyer Andreas Martin.


In GDR times, Dorfchemnitz was particularly well known for badminton and produced many well-known figures in this sport, who were also able to win GDR championships. Today the municipality is characterized by an active club life, medium-sized companies and many smaller companies have their headquarters here.

Logo Wappen Dorfchemnitz

Experience craftsmanship and cultural history up close

As in the entire Ore Mountains, handicrafts are still of great economic importance in Dorfchemnitz. Visitors to the region can feel the affinity of the people of the Ore Mountains to wood art and their passion for manual work everywhere. Is it any wonder that a chainsaw artist from Dorfchemnitz has already achieved worldwide fame? 

You can find more about culture and wood art here !

Also worth seeing is the Eisenhammer Technical Museum , one of the few preserved and still functional hammer mills in Saxony. 

The more than 500-year-old   cultural monument and an associated home room can be visited on a guided tour.

Luftaufnahme von Blockhausen im Goldenen Herbst, Foto: Mario Hamburg


log cabin

The forest experience center is located in the midst of nature between the municipalities of Mulda and Dorfchemnitz. The so-called Huskycup takes place here every year a chainsaw competition with many international artists and changing themes. Marvel at the countless works of art from past competitions and works by Blockhausen founder Andreas Martin. 

Foto: Mario Hamburg

Excursions and leisure tips



Walderlebnishütte Blockhausen

Blockhausen gilt als das Wald- und Holzerlebniszentrum in unserer Region.
Eine umfangreiche Ausstellung von Holzskulpturen, die von Kettensägekünstlern aus der ganzen Welt gestaltet wurden, kann hier besichtigt werden. Ebenso der längste Tisch der Welt.



Kirche Voigtsdorf



Technisches Museum Eisenhammer

Bei Schauvorführungen mit der vollständig funktionsfähigen Anlage können sich die Besucher in die historische Arbeitswelt einer ehemaligen Hammerschmiede versetzen lassen.



Kirche Dorfchemnitz

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