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Regionale Produkte

Regional products

The preservation and care of our traditions and special features are very important to the people of the Erzgebirge.


Everywhere in the region you can enjoy really authentic Erzgebirge specialties, buy regional products and get to know the culinary side of the Erzgebirge.


During a visit to Aktivland, be sure to let yourself be spoiled in one of the restaurants or hotels with Erzgebirge, regional and seasonal delicacies. 

Kulinarik genießen

Britscheln mit Sauerkraut, Foto: Andreas Krone

Seiffen & Neuhausen

Restaurants und Gaststätten in Seiffen, Sayda & Neuhausen



Restaurants und Gaststätten in Mulda und Umgebung



Restaurants und Gaststätten in Rechenberg-Bienenmühle und seinen Ortsteilen


Sayda & Dorfchemnitz

Restaurants und Gaststätten in Sayda & Dorfchemnitz

Gasthof Weigmannsdorf


Restaurants und Gaststätten in Lichtenberg und seinen Ortsteilen

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